3 ideas for team building away days in Bristol

Have you got an away day to organise? 

Don’t want to take the team paint-balling again? 

Here are 3 alternatives if you’re in or near Bristol and looking for something a bit different for your dose of team building this time. 

Idea # 1: Escape Hunt

An escape room experience par excellence! Face jeopardy, solve strange problems, get the adrenaline pumping and then have everyone unwind together afterwards with a drink. If you’re looking for some fully immersive entertainment for the team, then this your search ends here.


Idea # 2: Where the Wall

Celebrate Bristol’s street art and get the team’s creativity flowing with this unique take on a team-building away day that will use the combined power of art and co-operation to bond the team with the Street Art Stencil Challenge.


Idea # 3: Forestry Fun

This idea’s close to home for us and it’s certainly something a little different. We run forest bathing sessions for work teams here at Light Box Leadership, here’s a quick run-down:

Have a team-building away day in Bristol the eco way! Everybody loves trees. Let forest bathing specialists take your team on an inner and outer journey through some of Bristol’s most beautiful woods. 

A quasi mind-altering, team building away day experience that will create an intense sense of connection to nature, and to each other: the perfect springboard for team development discussions and fresh perspectives on old challenges.

Contact us now to arrange your session.

Whatever you decide for the next team jolly, why not do something a bit different? We hope these quick suggestions sparked some useful ideas.