Resilient teams thrive. Resilient organisations prosper.

We are Resilience experts with 10 years of delivery experience in the Resilience field.

  • We use a uniquely creative approach, tailored for work teams. 
  • Our resilience training is firmly rooted in evidence. We love a good scientific study and we’re not afraid to share them (in an engaging, playful way).
  • Teams leave our training revved up to take action. Immediately. We offer workbooks and implementation strategies to motivate and focus our learners post session.
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But how do we define resilience?

In recent times, it has become a buzz word but do we know what it actually means?

Resilience is not about having raw, brute strength that will allow us to bulldoze through all problems and vanquish all foes.

Resilience is not the ability to blindly absorb any amount of stress and not have it affect our performance.

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Resilience is a word that sits on other words:


Everything occurs in some context, and behaviour is always a function of a person within an environment. People and organisations alike are shaped and influenced by the situations they live through. The wider situations we’re part of shape us, as much as we shape them. Lasting organisational and individual advancement cannot be made if things are viewed in isolation from the wider situation they are in. For changes to succeed they must be informed by this perspective.

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Openness to experience and learning is a fundamental of success. We need to know how to cultivate a growth mindset, to seek feedback and embrace mistakes. Confronting change head-on and taking an experimental approach whilst mitigating risk are essential abilities. To be truly resilient, people and organisations must be outward looking – engaging with the world with curiosity.

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Growth requires the courage to cultivate divergent thinking and explore many possible approaches. When mindsets and cultures become rigid and unquestioning, comfortable only with existing processes, adaptability stalls. We have to continually find new ways to create value in this rapidly changing world.

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At heart, humans are irrational. In business and in life, our work is to tame this tendency. We are vulnerable to biases that hold us back and inhibit our ability to make wise decisions.  We get misled by mental shortcuts. To illuminate our path, and to be resilient enough to lead ourselves and others, we have to light the torch of realism.

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A solid definition of resilience: an ability to respond, absorb, and adapt to, as well as recover in a disruptive event. And, very simply, we create this ability through action.

We are living through an age of disruption: social, climatic, technological and cultural.

There has never been more urgency attached to the task of learning how we can invest in our resilience, lead with resilience and view it ever more as an asset on which our success depends.

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