what we do 

A more skilled, effective and motivated team will always lead to better business outcomes.

We offer the highest quality leadership and management, evidence-based training for individuals, leaders and teams to help them to create excellence within their organisation.


vidence-based training

who we are

Light Box was co-founded in 2010 by Lucy Duggan and Lucy Barfoot with the simple mission to improve lives by sharing the knowledge and skills needed to achieve excellence.

Lucy Duggan and Lucy Barfoot

Both highly experienced and proficient trainers, Lucy Barfoot is trained in marketing consultancy and Lucy Duggan is a qualified leadership coach and  Clore Leadership Programme graduate.

They work alongside a team of associate trainers, all either professionally qualified within their training field, or with a minimum of 5 years training experience and outstanding testimonial records.

team of associate trainers

Clients SayLOGO“I’m impressed with your ability to present complex and potentially life changing ideas simply and powerfully.”

“Brilliant once again.  Well run, engaging and beneficial.  Very useful info.”

“Very engaging, knowledgeable trainers. I will be implementing further actions to increase my resilience.”

Our Values

EVIDENCE – With a huge evidence base available, one that is growing every day, why wouldn’t we use it?

ENGAGEMENT – You can have the best technical content in the world, but learning won’t happen if the training is dull. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver profound, impactful learning in an energised and engaging way.

EXCELLENCE – Being the best is about taking considered action moment by moment. Being mindful of choice and opportunity and having the skills to execute.


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