Why resilience training is the key to workplace wellbeing

Recent years have seen an increase in the emphasis on workplace wellbeing, but resilience is essential in the cultivation of wellness. It is becoming clear that organisations that nurture staff resilience through resilience training gain a competitive advantage when times are challenging.


There are several key factors that makeup wellbeing, including happiness, functioning well and resilience. Not all mental health problems can be prevented, but if companies build strategies to foster mental resilience into their leadership training courses and other staff development programmes, the mental health of employees can be safeguarded as well as possible.

Serious consequences

There is a diverse range of consequences that come from work-related stress which can impact on the wellbeing of the individual, which can then cause issues for businesses like poor performance and high staff turnover. There are those who believe the value of wellbeing is ambiguous, but the facts prove that employees thrive when their leadership and management nurtures the psychological resilience to remain well in the workplace.

Research suggests that as many as 3 out of every 5 employees will experience mental health issues every year due to work. Close to a third of the current workforce has received a formal diagnosis of a mental health issue, yet there are still many workplaces that lack the necessary facilities to support employee wellbeing.

Nip it in the bud

Enduring high-stress levels increases the likelihood of burnout in individuals – a state that includes low self-esteem, emotional fatigue and apathy towards their work. Negative mental health impacts on employee wellbeing and can also directly impact a company’s bottom line. To offset these kinds of issues, employers are advised to provide resilience training to ensure staff can maintain a happy, stable and focused state of mind in the workplace.

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