The importance of time management – how does it boost our productivity?

Some say, (and I think it’s true) in terms of resources, there are two main levers that we’ve got in this life: 

The money-lever and the time-lever. 

When asked which is the most important of the two, it’s easy to assume it’s money – but it’s not. 

Money can be made, money can be lost, and money can be made again. Some of the wealthiest people have been bankrupt more than once.

With time, you can spend it, save it, invest it, but once it’s gone it’s gone and you can never get it back. 

It’s utterly finite. 

You could have all the money in the world but when your number’s up… well there’s nothing you can do about that. 

Sorry to have taken such a negative turn so early in the blog, but the time lever is way more precious, way more important than we treat it.

Time management is based on recognising that time is the most important thing we have and recognising that we should treat it accordingly.

If you’re a pro at managing your time, you will consistently achieve more in less time, and that, my friends, is productivity. 

If you have a bunch of productive people who know how to boss time management, you will have a productive business.

Not only does good time management means that you do more with less time, it means that you do more of what matters. 

No more busy-fool syndrome. Not just doing more ‘stuff’ willy nilly (who else loves the expression willy nilly?) but doing more of the things that make a difference: the things you want to achieve and want to enjoy. 

And maybe the best thing about time management and how it boosts productivity is that it does it in a way that feels good. 

Not always harried and stressed by looming deadlines and unexpected set-backs, but calm and in control, planning and doing things ahead of time. And this leaves the headspace we need to stay cool and sort it when the inevitable glitch/crisis/hiccup/catastrophe does strike.

Another benefit of time management taking a lot of the stress out of the equation is that the quality of work completed goes up. 

Assumptions get made when we feel rushed. Mistakes get made. We make poor decisions. And then we are in the trap of fixing the mistakes and wasting even more precious time.

So the importance of Time Management, and how it boosts productivity comes down to 3 things really:

  1. It means you achieve more of the important stuff.
  2. That you enjoy doing more of the important stuff – i.e. focused, not stressy.
  3. You do that important stuff with fewer mistakes, so spend less time fixing stuff.

If you want to learn more about how to ace time management, drop us a line today. We’re time management experts and we’d be happy to help.