So Much To Do – Not Enough Time

This is a common experience for a lot of us. 

It seems there is always stuff flying into the inbox, the in-tray, and no sooner is something scratched off the To Do list, 3 more things get added onto the end of it.

Spending most of our time in ‘just about keeping up’ mode is a serious culprit for why so many of us feel:

  • Stressed when we’re ‘On’ 
  • Too knackered to do anything meaningful or enjoyable when we’re ‘Off’.

But there is hope! 

And it’s called the time lever. 

Because in life, two of our main levers (when it comes to the external resources that are available to us), are money and time. 

And because most money is already spoken for, the time lever is the biggie. 

Having the right perspective on our time, and the skills to use it wisely, instead of allowing it to get wasted, stolen, or unwittingly leaked away, means we are able to use our most precious resource (life is only time, right?) in a way that makes sure we can enjoy our life, and achieve in life.

We’ve illustrated this in our little video – take a watch.