The most important traits of any leader

Many strong leadership qualities have been recognised throughout human history. The characteristics of the person in charge correlate to their capacity to accomplish their objectives and determine how much their followers look up to them. You can take advantage of history to use what has been learnt from others to develop your own leadership strengths. Here are the most important traits of any leader.

leadership qualities


A great leader has a vision and can see a future where it comes to pass. They have an exciting idea of where things are going and are excellent at planning strategically. This is what separates them from managers – clarity of vision turns the individual into something truly special. A manager gets the job done, but great leaders connect with their employees’ emotions.


A good leader has courage that enables them to take risks to achieve their goals. There is no certainty in life, so every commitment includes an element of risk. One cannot be a great leader without courage.


All company executives agree that their company must have integrity. The core of integrity is honesty, and all good leaders tell the truth to every person in every situation. This is the fundamental quality of trust that is necessary for success.


Being humble gets results. A good leader can contain their ego to be realistic about challenges. They can listen and learn, and admit that they don’t have all the answers.


Great leaders know how to plan strategically. They have the ability to look forward and anticipate where industries and markets are going. Only a leader with foresight can be ahead of the curve.


Leaders keep their attention on their company and their situation. They focus on results, whether they are achieved by themselves or others in the team, and they focus on the strengths of everyone involved. Keeping everyone focused is vital to the success of an enterprise.

These are some of the most important traits that separate a good leader from a bad one. Some will have a greater propensity than others for these traits, but they can all be acquired and learned to some degree. Above all, a good leader is committed to continuous self-improvement, so get to work developing your leadership skills to be the best you can be.

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