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Bespoke training

  • Bespoke management training to meet your unique organisational needs.

  • We come to you.  All locations within the UK and Republic of Ireland covered.

  • Management training comes with a 100% refund satisfaction guarantee.

Select your training and development package:

time management

Better utilise your organisation’s most valuable resource.


Gain a competitive advantage without unnecessary risk.


Navigate, inspire, motivate. Unleash the team’s potential.


Reduce conflict, build collaboration, present ideas impactfully.


Build the strength of your organisation from its core.

project management

Get projects in on time, in a budget the easy way.


How will I know if this is value for money?

We know how important it is that you see a return on investment and can demonstrate the value of the training you’ve booked. Many leaders and finance teams need to see if the cost of the training and staff time it takes has been a wise resource allocation.

We offer pre and post-training impact evaluation, in terms of both numerical data and stories of change to demonstrate the difference our training makes to the business.

You’re a new provider to us. How can we be sure of the quality?

You don’t have to take our word for it, we provide you with the contact details of existing clients so you can hear about our impact from the people who experience it directly, our many happy clients.

I’ve got multiple training needs that I need to meet on a limited budget and I need to make sure the content is the exact right fit – can you help with this?

Our bespoke approach means before we plan your training we listen carefully to you in order to identify all the specific and varied outcomes you are after. We can then amalgamate and blend training across diverse subject areas to keep the content 100% relevant to identified needs. Training from us is never off the peg, we always curate our content to respond to your specific stated business objectives.

It’s challenging to get our employees to clearly state the kind of training they want or need. Can you help with this?

Yes. We can provide no cost, no obligation pre-training surveys sent out to team members and leads to clarify need, then present summarised findings which you can then compare to the tailored training solution we suggest. Only then will you take the decision whether to go ahead.

Getting the right people to the training and non-attendance have been issues with training we have booked in the past, how do we know this will be any different?

We appreciate the challenge of getting the message out to the right people and generating buy-in from the team for the training you’ve scheduled. No one likes to look at a training room of mainly empty chairs. On request and at no extra cost we can provide you with impactful, promotional resources to help you engage staff and grab their attention in a sea of competing demands.

We need the training but are worried about service disruption while key staff are being trained. What can be done?

Our training also available in bite-sized sessions so line managers responsible for front-line service provision can release staff for training without disrupting the rhythm of your workplace.

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