How will resilience training benefit your organisation?

Every employee has to deal with work-related stress. On top of workplace stressors, employees also have challenges in their personal lives they have to cope with too. To help your staff with their stress and to boost productivity, you can offer them resilience training.

What is resilience training? 

Resilience is what helps a person recover after experiencing stress, tragedy, trauma or adversity. Being more resilient will help you to maintain better mental and physical health overall when facing challenges throughout life. If you don’t have a high level of resilience, you’re much more likely to feel overwhelmed by stress and dwell on issues. You also won’t have a good ability to cope with stress, depression or anxiety as someone with a high level of resilience would.

Resilience training can help employees focus their attention on the more positive areas of their lives. This helps to decrease negative thoughts as well. The training focuses on cognitive, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual resilience. Training in resilience within these areas will help enhance the quality of work your employees put out for your business and decrease workplace stress.

How does resilience training help? 

Resilience training helps employees bounce back from tough times a lot faster. Here are four reasons why this kind of training can benefit your organisation. 

1. It protects against mental health issues

There are so many lost hours within an organisation due to absence and unproductive workers. These conditions aren’t preventable, but training your staff to have a more resilient mindset can help to protect them from developing mental health conditions, therefore decreasing the amount of time an employee has to be absent from work.

2. Resilience training helps people cope with workplace stress

The demands and stresses placed on an organisation will always be there, but what you can change is how your employees react to it so they become more productive in your business.

3. Your staff will be much more emotionally stable

This is key to wellbeing and being able to perform well at work. It also helps people react more rationally in stressful situations, therefore keeping positive workplace relationships intact which in turn will be reflected in the increased productivity of your business.

4. Challenges and setbacks become more manageable

Undergoing resilience training helps people to overcome obstacles easily. Plus they will have much more tenacity for problem solving, helping them complete difficult company projects.

Overall resilience training can be a huge help to an employee’s mental health and wellbeing. An employee who is healthy is much more likely to do great work for a business and increase their profits, which is why resilience training should be seriously considered for any workplace.

If you want to hear more about the resilience training we offer, start by watching our one minute video here, it will give you a preview of what our Resilience training explores. Any questions? You can click here to contact us.