How does forest immersion promote business innovation?

One of the biggest competitive advantages any organisation can foster is its capacity to innovate… 

To generate better ideas than the competition and to execute them quickly.

However innovative and competitive our businesses already are, there’s never room for complacency. 

Who knows what our competitors are devising behind closed doors? In business, we often don’t notice we’re being overtaken until it’s just too late. Maximising innovation capacity in the here and now is always the critical issue. 

We believe that forest immersion can provide a super-boost to any organisation’s innovative capacity.

Here’s how:

Observing nature’s processes, patterns and practices give rise to elegant solutions to complex problems. This is a practise often referred to as biomimicry. 

The natural world is certainly worth imitating due to its special gift for creative economy: doing more, better, with less. 

As Leonardo Da Vinci one of history’s most badass innovators put it: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Da Vinci himself based his numerous designs and inventions on observations of nature and anatomy. 

His studies of birds produced his ideas about how to create “flying machines,” and it was those very ideas that the Wright brothers developed to invent the aeroplane. 

Another much-loved example of biomimicry’s role in innovation is that it was noticing the micro-spurs on the burs that stuck to his dog’s fur after walkies, (sadly there’s no record of his dog’s name!) that led George de Mestral to invent Velcro. 

More recently, in the emerging field of biosolar energy, for example, innovators are learning how to produce electricity using the photosynthetic processes of the algae that jellyfish feed on. This type of innovation is pretty inspiring to us. 

Immersing yourself in the forest is easier said than done – you can be in the wood and still feel completely in your own thoughts and distracted by the flow of your own emotions. 

Sometimes it’s hard to break down the barrier of yourself and make real contact with the ‘more than human’ world and all the information it holds. 

It’s not just going for a walk. 

Though for some people it can come naturally, feeling deeply connected with nature, but for the majority, it’s not that easy. True forest immersion is more reliably achieved for most people when it’s guided. 

What hacks might the natural world be waiting to share with your business?

Our forest immersion is a structured, guided process that will reliably get your team into deep and direct connection with nature and ready to receive its advice.

To find out more about how forest immersion could promote innovation in your business, contact us today.