Effective Tips To Improve Your Time Management Skills

Do you always feel like you’re running out of time? Maybe you should manage your time more effectively. Effective time management helps you achieve your goals and gain focus and control in your life—here are some tips to help you:

Make a list.

Create a to-do list for the day’s task to keep you on track and organised. Keep them in one place and somewhere you can always see. It may be your planner or your phone—what’s important is that you can always see it and you will not forget about anything.

Prioritise tasks.

Now that you have a to-do list, you should now sort your tasks according to their importance and duration. You can classify them into four:

  • Urgent and important
  • Not urgent but important
  • Urgent but not important
  • Neither urgent nor important

The key to this is to fill your to-do list with urgent and important tasks. You should concentrate on not urgent but important tasks before they become both.


If your desk is cluttered, chances are your mind can be cluttered, too. You could misplace and forget important documents or not finish your daily tasks. Keep your desk organised and neat—throw out broken pens, replace old stationery or use desk storage compartments.

Take a break.

Effective time management means balance—you have the time to do your tasks effectively and you also have the time to rest or take a break. Go away from your desk for at least 30 minutes, do exercise or take a walk. You’ll go back to your desk refreshed and focused.

Manage emails.

You might not notice it but answering emails can take up the majority of your time and away from more important tasks. To curb that, practise the four D’s:

  • Delete: less important emails
  • Do: urgent emails or things that can be done quickly
  • Delegate: if the email can be done by someone else better
  • Defer: set aside time for emails that need longer time and attention

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