Project Management Training


Our Project Management training will equip you to get projects in on time and within budget, using PERT charts, Gantt charts, cost monitoring, and a range of other best practice techniques.

Plan to succeed.

In our Project Management training we cover:

  • Why projects fail

  • Clear specification of the job before you start

  • Finding the key driver – is it price, quality or time?

  • Structuring the tasks to be done

  • Network charts, CPM, PERT

  • Agile and PRINCE2 – what are they, and what are the pros and cons?

  • Activity on node or on arrow

  • Critical paths, and why they simplify management

  • Float, and how to use it

  • Load-levelling

  • Risk analysis

  • Monitoring and controlling project progress using Gantt charts

  • Predicting final cost at completion

  • Learning from the past – and not just you, or the team, but the whole organisation

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