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This week was the second to last workshop of the current courses with women and young people.  What a great journey it has been so far!  We love working with our groups and thought you might like to read some of the great work that came out of this week’s sessions.  We were asking the question ‘Where do we appreciate beauty?’ and here is the long, gorgeous list of responses.

Actively look for, engaging with and taking pleasure in beauty and excellence promotes us being present to life in the here and now.  It anchors us to the moment, promotes mindfulness, gratitude and joy.  Beauty is unique to us all… and sharing it with others is the icing on the cake!  So here we go…

Above the clouds.

A person’s nature

Honey bee.

Sharing = beauty.

Books – the written word.

Blue sky, stars, mountains and nature.

The feeling we are not alone in the universe.

Windows in a church.

My mum’s cats.


Sunrise or sunset over the sea.

Fruit picked from a tree – figs.

Sweet, warm strawberry from the sun.

Paint splattered sink in arts studio – a piece of art in itself!

Photos not capturing it always – but a good reminder.

Childlike-vision: Walk about, potter, look at things.  Not just A to B.  Refreshing!

Night out – new experience with good people.

Creating stuff on Second Life.

Strangers faces on buses – young families.

The gratitude tree at Light Box.

Earl my cat.

Banoffee Pie.

Travelling… Photos.

Having someone’s eyes talk to you.

Older people smiling and laughing with each other.

Banter with friends.

Favourite music:  The Drive soundtrack,  Misha B, Dubstep…

Flavoursome food.


This group.

Patterns, colours and art.

My garden roses.

People who care.

The smell of herbs.


Support workers.

Stained glass.

Abandoned underground stations.

Science museums.

Feeling vibrancy.

Birth of grandchildren.



Computer Programming.

Acts of heroism.

Storms – natural energy – the power of nature.

Being mindful – revisiting the countryside.


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