The Happiness Workshops

The workshops are a fun and accessible way to learn about how to boost wellbeing. They creatively explore 10 different themes taken from Applied Positive Psychology.

The workshops take place in the vibrant and comfortable Light Box shop. They provide information and group discussion, led by two warm and friendly facilitators and supported by a volunteer team.

During each workshop:

  • You will be engaging with an innovative creative activity
  • You will have something to take away
  • You will receive ideas and tools for maintaining habits that promote wellbeing

The Creative Activities within the Happiness Workshops

Gratitude: Book bind a ‘three good things’ journal and decorate it using drawing inks and wooden letterpress
Appreciation of Beauty: Create an artwork from curious miniature objects of your chosen colour and Make camera lenses from vibrant acetate
Mindfulness: Make a concentric circle artwork using fingers and finger extensions
Nurture and Kindness: Fill the room by connecting and intertwining brightly coloured thread
Vitality 1: Food and mood: Using inks to stain glasses using the pointe painting technique
Humour and PlayfulnessDismantle and reconstruct toys to make hybrid characters. Use Kinetic drawing straps loaded with pastels
Vitality 2: MovementCreate a drawing spinning-top and making bouncy ball drawings in a cardboard box
Confidence: Make a large scale, paper sculpture
Strengths: Blind-draw portraits on paper and balloons. Create a ‘strengths board’
Goals: Make a collage that symbolically depicts your goals and aspirations

“I really love what the happiness project stands for and its creative way of working and expressing this. The workshop was extremely engaging, enjoyable and informative. I wish there had been something like this at school or accessible in communities when I was a teenager.” Feedback from a workshop participant.

“The Happiness Project is brilliant. Everyone is so supportive and extremely helpful. Great way to connect with other like minded people. Thank you so much. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity.” Feedback from a workshop participant.

“There is nothing quite like this, something that combines supportive classes with creativity. Bristol is full of creative people of all different ages and I think that sharing this interest with each other is a way that the people of Bristol can also share a positive attitude to mental health. I think this should be a service taken to every school, university, church, retirement home, shopping centre, or community centre in the country!!” Feedback from a workshop participant.

Current workshop timetables

(Please note: The project is complete! On May 6th 2015 we led our final workshops. To keep up to date with future projects, and to receive that report, please join our mailing list. Sign up on the homepage.)


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