Workshop Trials: Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence

Today’s workshop was ‘Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence’ where we talk about how important appreciating beauty is for maintaining a sense of wellbeing. The group discussed what beauty is, the different places they found beauty, and the question ‘how can we be open to noticing more beauty’ was asked.

The artistic activity for this workshop is to create lenses for cameras. They are made using different colour acetate, like the outer wrapper of a quality street. We cut holes in the material, glued things onto it, even attached sequins. these lenses were out in front of the cameras, held up with an attached tooth pick. We used a fish-eye lomo camera, color-splash lomo camera and two simple disposable cameras. The pics are being developed as I type, so we’ll upload them to here later on.

We also acquired some big round lenses which were clear, but had different focus levels, like a pair of glasses. they made things either really tiny or really big, and were great fun to use. The participants were asked to use the cameras with attached lenses to photograph the beauty in regular, non-beautiful things, which was quite fun in an art studio!

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