Mood Panda: interactive mood diary

We’re really excited about this, is a brilliant tool which alows you to rate and track your mood online. We’ve tried it and we recommend it. Here’s some more about Moodpanda, just in time for World Mental Health Week 2011


Bristol based Web Site is helping the efforts to raise awareness of mental health as part of World Mental Health Week (October 10 – 14th)

One in four people experience some kind of mental health problem during their life, and being able to talk about it is something that is important for us all.

Whether it’s fear or embarrassment about talking to someone we know about their mental health problem, or our own mental health problem, reluctance to talk about it helps no one, and sharing your problems can help towards an improvement.

Founded in Bristol last year, is a free Web Site and iPhone app, built specifically to allow people to track their own happiness, and to keep a graphical history of their wellbeing along with a record of the things that influence how they feel.

This fun approach to focussing on happiness is an effective way to raise awareness of the issues, and to give a forum for people to do something positive.

Tens of thousands of people have been tracking their happiness on the website over the past year, supporting each other in their problems, and for many it is not just a fascinating thing to do, it has led to some positive effect on their mood. One of the site’s users, “DP”, said “Being able to track my mood has given me insights into my own psychology that ultimately have led to an improvement in my quality of life”

Reducing the stigma of mental health issues is invaluable in improving the well being of those affected by them, and we hope that is one small step towards doing this, as well as providing a space for a  fun, supportive community of Moody Pandas!

You can join now for free – see how your mood changes as Winter approaches, keep a record of your happy memories, make someone smile, and help be part of a community that really care.

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