Favourite Journeys and Kind Acts

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Last week was week 5 of our 10 week courses.  Nurture and Kindness was the order of the day and we explored and savoured all of the kindness in our lives.  Our starting point for the creative activity was our favourite journeys;  together, each group created a beautifully colourful cotton thread installation that took up half the room!

Favourite journeys:

  • From the land to the sea, through countryside, seeing the sea for the first time.
  • Walking to and from town in summer clothes, soaking up the rays of the run, looking around at the beautiful city I live in. Seeing people, the beauty around me, the nature and views.  What a peaceful place to be in life, just enjoying being me and being in my surroundings.
  • One of my favourite journeys is when I give myself reflection time but also there I find my instinctive mind to be right in what I have thought happens, which can be scary sometimes.
  • The train on the small Bristol line.  There are houses and some countryside.  It is amazing.
  • The cycle to work.
  • I loved the train journey through Serbia when the sun was coming up.
  • Any journey I savour.
  • The cycle to my studio.
  • The walk upstairs to see my boyfriend.
  • Walking home from town on Tuesday, through the city and past the lake and river.
  • My favourite journey was when I was in Uni and I would cycle through the park.  There was one hill in the park and early morning I never has to worry who was coming.  Then at the edge of the park there were cobble stones which sounded very nice under my tyres.
  • Going out on my voluntary job or coming to Light Box.
  • Going on the Severn Beach line.
  • I like walking to my friend’s house because it’s a nice walk.  It’s about 30 – 45 minutes long.  You get to walk through the park and see ducks and swans and their babies.
  • Walking in the park with my daughter.
  • The journey of self.
  • My walk through the front door after cycling up a massive hill.
  • Going to the park; watching others from the front of the bus, walking amongst others and feeling the atmosphere, seeing friends and others in the park.

We also came up with lots and lots of ideas for extra kind acts to action, for ourselves and others…

But why is being nurturing and kindness important to our well being?

  • It leads us to perceive others more positively  and it develops our compassion and empathy. E.g. homeless people.
  • It gives us a heightened sense of interdependence
  • It relieves guilt, stress and discomfort over others difficulties and suffering.
  • It encourages a sense of awareness and appreciation of our own good fortune i.e we feel advantaged and thankful by comparison.
  • It shifts the focus onto someone else, delivering a distraction from our own troubles and ruminations.
  • THIS IS THE BIG ONE – It impacts of self-perception. When you view yourself as a compassionate altruistic person, this new identity promotes optimism confidence and a sense of usefulness.

Ideas for extra kind acts:
//Go swimming with my Mum//Go for a massage//Offer to do my friend’s ironing//Offer to do the housework//Help someone who needs it – elderly/mother with pram – on the bus//“Not” saying something//Volunteering for charity//Doing some of the unpopular jobs at work//Limiting access to Facebook – kind to myself!//Watching films I enjoy with someone or on my own// Giving someone time – helping them fully talk through a problem//Asking someone “What can I do to help?”//Spend more time with my friend who is quite lonely//More swimming and cycling for my fitness!//Catch up with friends more by phone/text//Smile at everybody!//Show myself more compassion//Treat  myself to a massage and not feel guilty/justify//Stop nagging//Continue eating healthier than usual//Spend a weekend in the studio//Say “hello” to a shop assistant and mean it//Give myself time to appreciate music//Give myself time to watch the sunrise and sunset//Get to know my neighbours/community//Help my fiancé and son feel good about themselves//Try to see someone else’s point of view and not criticise them//Be thankful//Take out the recycling//Make my house mate breakfast//Take a friend who doesn’t get out much to a show or for a walk//Free hugs//Saying hello to neighbours more//Do shopping for an old person//Make the dinner//Teach somebody about something//Actually be fully present with people when I am with them//Watch more children’s programmes with my children//Get my hair done//Bake a cake//Talk to grandparents more//Make time to relax//Have a bubble bath//Go to bed at a decent time//Making time for dates with my boyfriend//Buying flowers, for myself and others//Buying new trainers for my busted feet//Holding the door open for someone behind me//Sending letters//Make a cuppa for colleagues//Keeping a food diary//Yoga//Taking time out to create artwork//

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