Collaborative Collage

During the Summer of 2011, Light Box held several ‘open-shop days’ where members of the public could come and be in the shop, taking part of some kind of creative activity. One of the activities was to create a story-telling collage.

This collage was completed by around 30 different people, each adding a couple of words or letters. Thank you to everyone who took part – we’ve made a very funny and obscure story!


And the words went pow. half of a teddy equals ted, she said. but who is he? is he special? and is he smart?

The next bus is home-grown, get your gown Flora. Teapots and treasures everywhere. Karen looked at vinegar.

Reinvented Summer from wearing grass noodles swimming home. quiet spotted box on no stand trapped bacteria – perfect extra time Mr Roberts!

Go save what waves another familiar veg magnet, miracle day!

Longing for the film to start. Art loves you, you are so happy to ask my name.

Depending on my new movie, i will create a big hoof. it will be a vision, the start of a major revolution. The standard of eyewear was great!

I was happy Brad Pitt cooked a magnificent sunday lunch and offered to help with the big hoof. We had a party with recycled cassettes and bananas in the park. Havoc!

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