Light Box workplace training delivers an interactive, practice based experience that covers  a broad range of real time skill development, research findings, group exchange and investigation.

Our specialisms-


Humans are inherently creative and innovating comes naturally to us. Cultural and structural constraints within organisations and the broader environment can hamper this innate ability. Our Creativity + Innovation programmes cultivate the creative mindset and introduce a range of tools and practices to free up the potential to do things differently, and better.


It is a scientifically supported fact that happy people work smarter and harder. Knowing how to build protective factors into daily routine unlocks the path to a more resilient work and personal life. Light Box’s extensive Wellbeing + Resilience resources can be tailored to create a purpose built package specific to your team’s socio-psychological support needs.


Our Communication + EQ programmes provide insights into the nature of successful communication and offer practical methodologies that translate this awareness into improved workplace culture and success.  In this training, key skills are acquired and rehearsed, blocks and barriers tackled.