Light Box Project CIC was established in 2010 by artistic collaborators from Bristol.




This theory is evidenced by Harvard Medical Sociologist Nicholas Christakis.

Our moods, habits and behaviours don’t stop with us. They are passed unconsciously through social networks for up to three degrees of separation. This means they affect not only the people that we come into contact with, but also the people that they come into contact with and then the people that they come into contact with also.

So our level of well-being affects people we may never even meet, and in this way we hold a lot of power. When we invest in our own mental health and happiness we are also investing in the health of the community and society we live in.


A world where human mental health and wellbeing is truly valued.


CREATIVITY All humans are inherently creative. This is where our power lies.

HEALTH We support creative approaches to health promotion with emphasis on prevention.

EVIDENCE We demonstrate our outcomes and apply evidence based practise to our work.